How To Fix Issue When Sling Tv Not Working On Roku

sling not working on roku
Sling Tv Not Working On Roku

Are you the Roku user who wants to stream Sling Tv on your Roku then we are going to illustrate all the steps with you that will help you in setup your Sling Tv on Roku. Sometimes it has been seen that after proper setup you were unable to stream Sling on Roku. For that, you must be sure that you have an active Roku account. Try these troubleshooting tips when Sling Tv not working on Roku and for any help contact with a Roku Customer Service which is available 24*7 hours.

Troubleshooting Steps To Follow When Sling TV not Working On Roku

If you are unable to stream Sling TV on Roku then might be a chance that you have not configured the Sling Tv on rock properly. You can fix this issue by reinstalling the app. So here, follow this troubleshooting step when your Sling TV not working on Roku. We hope these troubleshooting steps help you in fixing your issue.

  • Firstly, you need to remove the Sling from your Roku account. Visit website on your computer or mobile.
  • Enter your logging credentials to sign in your Roku account. Now select manage your subscriptions.
  • Make sure Sling Tv is listed on your subscription list.
  • Exit or Sign Out.
  • Open Roku on your Smart TV or the screen that uses for streaming Roku channels.
  • Press the home button on your Roku remote.
  • Move the cursor and select the channel which you want to remove, select Sling and press Start to open the menu option.
  • Select the remove channel and confirm when asked.

Sling TV from your Roku Account has been successfully uninstalled. Now follow these steps to reinstall the Sling TV on your Roku account.

  • Now Open the Roku home screen.
  • Now Open the Roku home screen.
  • Now search “Sling” on the search option.
  • Now select the Sling TV and click to continue.
  • Select Add channel and installation will begin after that.
  • When the installation is complete, go back to the home page and Select-String TV to stream on the screen.

After doing all the steps and still you unable to stream Sling TV on your Roku device, then you can take Roku Support by dialing 1-877-590-2114 and talk to the Roku helpline. You can also take Roku Support if you are unable to follow the steps listed above.

If you want to learn more about Sling TV, please Click Here

YouTube TV Not Working On Apple App Store

unable to pay youtube tv bill on apple store
YouTube TV Not Working On Apple Pay

Fix YouTube TV Not Working On Apple App Store Issue 2020: Are you the one who is facing the issue with your YouTube TV Not Working On Apple App Store(iTunes), then read this article. In this article, you will learn why your YouTube tv not working on apple pay store.

When you subscribe to any subscription through the App Pay Store, Apple automatically charges 30% of the fees for the first years and dropping to down to 15% for every payment after that. Obviously this makes unhappy the other companies that lose their substantial cut.

YouTube TV Ending Support for Apples App Store Subscriptions in March

YouTube will no longer allow the customers to subscribe through the Apple app store and also not support billing via the Apple. As noted by MacRumors, the company is emailing YouTube TV customers with a warning that it plans to phase out support for in-app payments altogether in March.

This means that new customers can’t pay via Apples Pay store and the existing customers will have subscription automatically canceled after March 13.

YouTube started sending emails to their customers who subscribed to its YouTube Tv through the Apple App Store (iTunes), letting know that App Store subscriptions are going to be discontinued in March.

Unable To Pay YouTube TV Bills On iTunes (Apple App Store)

From the emails:

You’re currently subscribed to YouTube TV through Apple in-app purchases, so we’re writing to let you know that, starting March 13, 2020, YouTube TV will no longer accept payment through Apple in-app purchases.

YouTube TV members will still be able to watch YouTube TV content on Apple devices.

You’ll be billed for one final month of service and then your in-app purchase subscription will be canceled automatically on your billing date after March, 13, 2020.

However, the reason is not specifically mentioned in the email why YouTube is ending YouTube TV subscriptions through the Apple App Store. The same thing happened in the last year when Netflix stops subscriptions through the Apple App Store and Goole Play Store for only new customers.

YouTube TV Not Working On Apple Pay Store
Article Name
YouTube TV Not Working On Apple Pay Store
If you are facing any issue with your YouTube TV Not Working On Apple Pay Store then read this article to fix the problem.

How To Fix YouTube TV Not Working On Roku Issue

Sometimes, YouTube TV Not Working. There might be possible that YouTube TV server went down or maybe any other reason like internet connection, app updating, or any other device issue. But how we can check that which reason will be responsible for not working on YouTube TV.

youtube tv not working on roku

So here are some troubleshooting steps to fix the issue of YouTube TV Not working. This troubleshooting step would also be the same for YouTube TV Not Working On Roku.

How To Fix When YouTube TV Not Working On Roku

With our troubleshooting guide, you will able to fix YouTube TV not working on Roku issue easily. All the troubleshooting steps are shared by our YouTube TV experts. For more info, call us at 844-545-3222.

1. Check YouTube TV Server Status:

Firstly check the YouTube TV server status. Is it down for everyone or only for you? To check there are two possible ways:

  • Check Twitter Updates: Whenever such type of issue arises, lots of users look for help with social media. Twitter is the best place where users usually complain about YouTube TV outages by using #YouTubeTVdown or any other similar hashtags.
  • Check the G Suite Status Dashboard: This site shows the current status of various Google services. It does not specifically implement for YouTube TV. If you see lots of services with a red list, it’s an indicator that some problems could also be affecting YouTube TV.

There are other social media platforms like Facebook, and Instagram where YouTube TV has its official accounts. By visiting on their accounts you can check the latest updates from the YouTube TV regarding YouTube TV down status.

Youtube tv toll free number

2. Internet Connection:

Poor internet connection might be responsible for your YouTube TV not working. So check your internet connection status. Will it be OK. Also, ensure there should be no frequent disconnection with your network.

You can check it by giving a ping command for -t times. Also check you have the adequate speed for the function of YouTube, TV, otherwise you might be facing streaming issues with your YouTube TV. You can also check your internet speed by visiting on this site:

3. Check your YouTube TV account:

Make sure that the account with which you have signed in have the access to watch YouTube TV. To check go to to see your account details. If you have signed in with another account, log out of that account and sign in with your YouTube TV account which has access to watch YouTube TV.

4. Update YouTube TV App:

Using outdated applications creates compatibility issues and creates glitches in the working of YouTube TV. Sometimes updating the app fixes the working problem. To update the YouTube TV app just follow these steps:

YouTube Tv Toll Free Number

How To Install YouTube TV On Roku – Setup Guide

How To Install YouTube TV On Roku

Install YouTube TV on a Roku is quite simple. For that, you must have basic knowledge about technology and would have to follow some basic instructions.

Now watch your favorite shows, movies or cable channels, sports channels, and premium channels with Roku- No cable box required.

Getting the YouTube Tv on the Roku device is very simple, all you need to follow the steps as listed below: But before that, be sure that you have an updated version of Roku and it should be powered on.

How To Add YouTube TV On Roku:

  • Press the Home button from your Roku remote.
  • Select Streaming Channels from the list appears on the left side of the screen, and then select “Search Channels”.
  • Now search YouTube TV with the help of a keyboard that appears on the screen.
install youtube tv on roku
  • Select YouTube TV when it appears in the search results. Then click on the “Add channel”.
Youtube Tv Roku
  • Wait For The YouTube Channel to be installed. It will take a minute to be installed. Once it is installed, click on the “Ok” button.
how to add youtube tv on roku
  • If you wish, you can open YouTube TV right away. Otherwise, go to the home menu and select it from there.
  • If you have already registered on YouTube TV then directly sign in and enjoy the YouTube TV services.
YouTube Tv
  • If you have not registered on YouTube TV then click on Try IT free and follow the instructions to sign up.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How To Link Roku Account with YouTube Tv account?

  1. Launch the YouTube TV on the Roku channel and select already a member from the screen.
  2. Visit from a mobile or computer device. Sign in to your Google account and enter the code as shown on the Roku channel.
  3. The Roku channel will automatically link with your YouTube Tv after going through the process on the website.

Q2. Which Roku device compatible with YouTube TV?

Ans. According to Roku, YouTube TV is compatible with all current Roku devices includes: Roku Ultra, Roku TV, s, Roku streaming Stick (380x,3600x), Roku 2 (4210x), Roku 3 (4200x,4230x), Roku 4, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+, and Roku Express/Express+ (3910x,3900x/3710x,3700x). Apart from all Roku Ultra is best as it supports 4k HDR movies and shows, so it is perfect for your television.

Q3. Is YouTube TV Free On Roku?

No. YouTube TV is not free on Roku. You have to pay 49.99$ charges if you subscribed YouTube TV services.

Cancel YouTube TV Subscription- Step By Step Guide

How To Cancel YouTube TV Subscription

YouTube TV is a streaming service offer by YouTube, which offers live TV from 70+ broadcasts, cables, and regional sports networks. Recently YouTube TV has increased its charges from $40 to $50 and also added 10 new channels. The price may be hiked in the upcoming days. Some people find the growing price as legitimate, but some people are not happy with that all.

YouTube Tv Subscription
YouTube TV Subscription

Pause Your YouTube TV Membership.

YouTube TV constantly brings some new features, channels, add ons and offers. If you are going on long vacations or you want to remain away from the TV screen for a few days, then the Pause option on YouTube TV is best for you. With this new option, you can pause your membership option 24 weeks or six months. Pausing the membership is very simple and can be done in just simple. Here we listed down the steps to pause your YouTube TV membership.

Steps To Pause Your YouTube TV Membership

  • Go to website and enter your login credentials to log in.
  • Once you have logged in, Go to Settings.
  • Navigate To membership.
  • In this menu, you will sell all the subscription list with YouTube TV subscription at the top.
  • Select YouTube TV. Under the YouTube TV Select “Deactivate Membership”.
  • Click on “Deactivate Membership”.
  • You will get two options i.e “Pause Membership” and second “Cancel Membership”.
  • Click on the Pause Membership button

This offer defines that YouTube does not want to lose their customers at any cost. That’s why it offers so unique and flexible option for their users.

Canceling YouTube TV Subscription

If you think you are not enjoying the full service of YouTube TV subscription then there is always an option to cancel it. But you must know that you can’t cancel YouTube tv without the YouTube Tv App. Here we listed down the steps on how to cancel your YouTube TV subscription.

Steps To Cancel Your YouTube TV Membership

  • Once you have logged in, Go to Settings.
YouTube TV
  • Navigate To membership.
Cancel YouTube TV Subscription
  • In this menu, you will sell all the subscription list with YouTube TV subscription at the top.
  • Select YouTube TV. Under the YouTube TV Select “Deactivate Membership”.
  • Click on “Deactivate Membership”.
Cancel YouTube TV Membership
  • You will get two options i.e “Pause Membership” and second “Cancel Membership”.
  • Click on the Cancel Membership button.
Deactivate YouTube TV Membership
  • Select an appropriate reason for canceling your YouTube membership.
cancel YouTube TV Membership
canceling your YouTube TV subscription
  • Click on the Next button. Then click on the Cancel YouTube TV button.

After canceling your YouTube TV subscription, you won’t not able to add the add-on networks. After 21 days, you will be lost all the recorded programs from a library. In case if you come back, YouTube TV always keeps your library preferences.

Want To Take Help From Our YouTube TV Customer Executives:

Call at +1 844-545-3222 to take help from YouTube TV Customer Support, they are available 24*7 hours to assist you.

Install Youtube Tv On Amazon Firestick – Step By Step Guide 2020

How To Install Youtube Tv On Amazon Firestick

In this post, we will illustrate all the methods and steps of how to install YouTube TV on Amazon FireStick so that you can learn easily to install YouTube Tv on Firestick on your own. These installation methods work on all fire tv devices, including Firestick 4k and Fire TV Cube.

YouTube TV

In 2018 Amazon had removed the YouTube TV app due to falling out between Google and Amazon. Recently, Amazon announced that YouTube TV is now available. It is really a very happy moment that the YouTube TV Firestick app is officially available in the Amazon App store. You can install the YouTube TV app and use it anywhere in the United States.

How To Install YouTube TV On Amazon FireStick Officially From Amazon App Store

The wait for YouTube TV on Firestick had been awaited for a long time by the YouTube TV users which is now finally over.YouTube TV is the live Tv segment on YouTube. It allows you to access a range of satellite channels including sports channels like ESPN, Fox Sports 1 & 2, Big Ten Network, CBS Sports Network, MLB Network, NBCSN, the SEC Network, NBA TV and regional sports networks.

Here we take you through all the steps to install the YouTube TV app on Fire Stick officially through Amazon App Store.

YouTube TV Firestick/Fire TV Installation Guide

Step 1. Open the FireStick/ FiretV menu and click on the Search Icon. It is available on the left corner.

Install Youtube Tv On Amazon Firestick

Step 2. Enter YouTube TV in the search bar and click on YouTube Tv when the search results appear.

Install Youtube Tv On Firestick

Step 3. Click on the YouTube Tv app once it appears on your screen. you may have to scroll right to find the YouTube TV app.

Install Youtube Tv App

Step 4. Click on Get to download the app.
If you have downloaded and installed the app already then you will see a download button instead of Get.

Install YouTube Tv on Fire Stick

Step 5. Wait till the application gets downloaded.

YouTube Tv on Firestick

Step 6. Click on the back button on your TV remote until you return to the home screen.

 Cable Free YouTube TV

Step 7. On the home screen, go over YouTube TV and hold down the Options button, then click Move.

YouTube TV

Step 8. On the Your Apps & Channels screen, move YouTube TV to the front.

YouTube TV Live Tv

Step 9. Click on the YouTube Tv app to run.

youtube tv app

Step 10. YouTube TV is now successfully installed on your Firestick. You can access it by just sign in an existing account or start a free trial.

Signing Up For An Account On YouTube TV.

To watch any media on this app, you must have to sign in. If you have a YouTube Tv account, then you can access YouTube Tv by just signing in. If not, they have to create an account for the YouTube TV app by click on Try It Free.

YouTube TV offers a seven day free trial period for new subscribers which is one of the great features that not provided by many streaming services.